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"Val" evening blue light filter glasses

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Enhance your digital experience with this cat-eye blue light filter glasses.

As you move from the natural glow of the sunset to the artificial beams of your devices, the vibrant orange lenses act as a barrier, filtering out almost 100% of blue light. This ensures optimal eye comfort and prevents strain, allowing you to enjoy your evening digital activities without worry.

The cat-eye sexy design, makes perfect complement to your evening wear while providing indispensable protection during your cherished nighttime rituals or demanding late shifts. Embrace style without sacrificing comfort with these essential evening glasses.

Size guide (mm): 51 (width)- 16 (bridge) - 138 (length)

Users guide:

Make it a habit to wear your glasses 1-3 hours before going to bed, ideally starting around 9 PM. This regular routine can help kickstart the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Also providing vital relief for your eyes as you connected devices like computer, phone, TV or remain in environments with intense artificial lighting.

IonViz: The new standard in night-time eye and sleep care.

With durable construction and advanced materials, IonViz's evening glasses keep your vision safe from harmful blue light during evening use, offering protection not found in typical computer glasses.



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