IonViz story

Our founder Timo is a former professional basketball player and have master degree in Sports Science. He has very health related habits but not calling himself has biohacker.

Estonia’s first sleep coach, understands deeply the importance of aligning with our natural circadian rhythms. His personal struggle with shallow sleep push him to find solutions and help achieve the necessary sleep.

IonViz founder Timo

Understanding that our bodies are governed by evolutionary rules about light, he realized that the excessive blue light exposure from screens is not just an annoyance but a health hazard, especially in the evenings when it can disrupt our natural sleep cycles.

Through his extensive research and personal experience, he realized the profound impact of light on sleep hygiene, especially the pervasive blue light from our screens.


He lectures on sleep health and shares habitual and pill free solutions to improve sleep hygiene. After years of personally testing various blue light blocking glasses and finding them lacking, he was motivated to create something better—glasses that weren't just functional but were crafted with the highest standards of quality and durability. 


Motivated by a desire to offer a solution that he could truly stand behind and can recommend passionately to others, he founded IonViz. 

At IonViz - "Eye on Vision" encapsulates our core mission - to enhance visual health and promote optimal sleep through a deeper understanding of light's fundamental impact. The term "Ion," representing atoms charged with energy, symbolizes the dynamic and integral role of light particles in influencing our biological rhythms.


"Viz,"derived from vision, emphasizes our strategic approach to refining your visual habits, which are integral to establishing better sleep practices.

While currently focused on vision, our commitment to improving sleep doesn’t stop there. We are always exploring new ways to enhance sleep quality, mindful of future innovations that may include other sensory solutions.


IonViz is more than a brand—it's a commitment to enhance your nightly rest, recognizing that great days begin with great nights.

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