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"Gio" blue light blocker glasses for men

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Crafted for the discerning man, these premium metal-frame glasses offer a blend of durability and sleek design. They cut out almost 100% of harmful blue light, perfect for enhancing focus and visual comfort during evening screen time. Whether you're wrapping up work, engaging in a Netflix marathon, or catching up on your favorite blogs, these blue light blocker glasses ensure that every moment in front of the screen is safer and more enjoyable. The metal construction not only adds a touch of sophistication but also promises longevity, better sleep habits and resilience in your nightly digital engagements.

Size guide (mm): 56 (width)- 18 (bridge) - 145 (length)

Users guide:

Make it a habit to wear your glasses 1-3 hours before going to bed, ideally starting around 9 PM. This regular routine can help kickstart the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Also providing vital relief for your eyes as you connected devices like computer, phone, TV or remain in environments with intense artificial lighting.

IonViz: The new standard in night-time eye and sleep care.

With durable construction and advanced materials, IonViz's evening glasses keep your vision safe from harmful blue light during evening use, offering protection not found in typical computer glasses.



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