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Clip-On glasses for blue light protection

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Tired of eye strain and sleepless nights after long hours in front of screens?

Discover 380-500nm blue light filter Clip-On Glasses – the perfect solution for frequent screen users. These clip-on filters easily attach to your existing prescription glasses, offering a practical way to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

Picture this: a small investment in these clip-on filters significantly improves your eye health and sleep quality. Imagine reducing your eye strain and enjoying restful nights without the need for new glasses. Experience the benefits of enhanced eye protection and better sleep with this simple addition to your daily routine.

Lenses material: PC (polycarbonate)

Users guide:

Make it a habit to wear your glasses 1-3 hours before going to bed, ideally starting around 9 PM. This regular routine can help kickstart the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Also providing vital relief for your eyes as you connected devices like computer, phone, TV or remain in environments with intense artificial lighting.

IonViz: The new standard in night-time eye and sleep care.

With durable construction and advanced materials, IonViz's evening glasses keep your vision safe from harmful blue light during evening use, offering protection not found in typical computer glasses.



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